Stop Buying Toilet Paper!

Seriously, it's not a thing.

I’m no COVID-19 expert, but I lean into the wisdom of others. I’ve found some of these articles, essays, and websites helpful:

1. For Christian Leader’s (you don’t have to be Christian to find this useful), lots of stuff about the virus, and our response:

2. A Christian doctor explains what COVID-19 is, and how Christians should respond:

3. Why buying toilet paper is unnecessary? Seriously, stop!

4. A great article by David Brooks, on why in pandemics people run away from compassion:

5. When things get dark, look to the Italian’s for hope… sing!

6. Kid’s stuck at home? Some online learning for the kiddos:

7. Centers for Disease Control, good updates on COVID-19:

8. Good information on the world scene, and how you can support an influential organization on the ground, World Vision:

9. Some wisdom on how much to watch/read/listen to the news from Cal Newport. Keep it to a minimum and spend more time with the ones you love:

Hope these links help. And in all honesty, I’m praying with you, and let’s keep the human touch going even if it’s virtual. Reach out, and say hello.