Jan 18 • 25M

TAOPA #001: Art, Activism, Creativity, and Faith

They all live in the same orbit.

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What do you pay attention to? How do I determine what's worthy of my limited attention? It’s the questions every human asks at some point, and the questions we MUST ask, to thrive in this one precious life. And it’s these types of questions (and more), we want to wrestle with on The Art of Paying Attention. We believe the work of paying attention is not optional, and something we all must learn to do well. The poet Mary Oliver said, "To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” Every week, we'll consider this endless, and proper work, of paying attention. What do we see? What are we learning? WHAT or WHO needs MORE attention? Join writer, creator, teacher, and accidental entrepreneur, Ryan J. Pelton, as he explores with others, the essential Art of Paying Attention. Most episodes feature an interview with a bonafide "attention-collector" working in the arenas of creativity, art, music, writing, publishing, entrepreneurship/business, and spirituality. Join in the conversation and learn to see with new eyes a world bursting with hints of hope. Often in the most unlikely places.
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In the first episode of The Art of Paying Attention Podcast, Ryan talks about the connection between art, activism, creativity, and faith. You can’t have one without the other. In every cultural moment addressing social injustice you find new art right around the corner. You also find new expressions of faith and spirituality.

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