The Art of Paying Attention
The Art of Paying Attention
TPC #024: Matt Briel on Marketing as Making Friends

TPC #024: Matt Briel on Marketing as Making Friends

Commonly described as equal parts loud music, Disney culture, tattoos, and book nerd, Matt Briel is an entrepreneur and the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at, as well as a self-diagnosed collaboration junkie. After more than 15 years leading Sales and Marketing teams in the Media & Publishing spaces, he’s developed a unique passion for helping creators become more successful by leveraging books as a catalyst for opportunities and sustainable revenue. Matt has been featured in some articles you probably don’t care about and has spoken at several industry events that you’ve probably avoided.

In this episode, Matt and Ryan explore what it means to listen to your audience, how marketing and promotion doesn't need to be scary, what he learned about his company when they started to listen to customers, and much more. You can find Matt at

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The Art of Paying Attention
The Art of Paying Attention
What do you pay attention to? How do I determine what's worthy of my limited attention? It’s the questions every human asks at some point, and the questions we MUST ask, to thrive in this one precious life.
And it’s these types of questions (and more), we want to wrestle with on The Art of Paying Attention.
We believe the work of paying attention is not optional, and something we all must learn to do well. The poet Mary Oliver said, "To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”
Every week, we'll consider this endless, and proper work, of paying attention. What do we see? What are we learning? WHAT or WHO needs MORE attention? Join writer, creator, teacher, and accidental entrepreneur, Ryan J. Pelton, as he explores with others, the essential Art of Paying Attention.
Most episodes feature an interview with a bonafide "attention-collector" working in the arenas of creativity, art, music, writing, publishing, entrepreneurship/business, and spirituality. Join in the conversation and learn to see with new eyes a world bursting with hints of hope. Often in the most unlikely places.