Music speaking to the universal longings of the heart
Bill Mallonee is still alive and on his 80th album.
TAOPA #003: Jimmy Black on Overcoming the Fear of Sharing Your ArtListen now | In this episode, Ryan chats with musician, composer, educator, teacher, and artist Jimmy Black. James has been creating music most of his…

January 2023

I witnessed a miracle last night
An essay on a spray painted black line
Wonder is where the juice is ...
TAOPA #002: Particulars, Universals, and the Pursuit of WonderListen now | Wonder is essential for a deep life, and deep art
How is Your Wonder Game?
R.I.P. David Crosby
TAOPA #001: Art, Activism, Creativity, and FaithListen now | They all live in the same orbit.
Remember, so we don't repeat the past...
R.I.P. Lisa Marie Presley